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Happy Friday Moms! Dating in 2016, is so different from when I was a teenager.  I often question my daughter about the young men she communicates with via social media, FaceTime, Twitter, etc.  Our daughters will meet young men on social media, at school, kickbacks, etc.  Do you know if your daughter is in a relationship or dating?

The new term is “whole boyfriend” when a girl has a love interest with a young man. My interpretation of a “whole boyfriend” is that they are in a serious relationship.

Here are just a few tips I’ve given my daughter about dating.

1- Never let a young man pressure you into doing anything.  NO means NO.

2- Don’t accept any form of abuse, verbal, physical or emotional.

3- Date someone who treats you like a Queen.

Please share your tips and dating advice by commenting in this post.

One comment on “What dating advice or tips have you shared with your daughter?

  1. Paulette Foxx-Dawodu says:

    Be friends first. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you. Find someone who adores and respects you. Have fun with clear expectations. Eliminate negativity and surround yourself with someone who is supportive and caring.


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