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“5 Things Your Daughter Should Know by 18”

Top 5 Cook

On February 19, 2018, during “Moms Talk on Monday” several moms called in to share their “top 5” things daughters should know by the age of 18. The purpose of the teleconference was to determine what are the most critical skills our daughters should know by the time they are 18 years old.  If we want to equip our daughters with tools she will need to become a productive, independent and successful young woman, there are important life skills she should acquire before she leaves the nest.

If you have daughters over the age of 18 and they have not acquired those critical skills, you still have an awesome opportunity to teach them, it’s not too late.  Feel free to reach out to your “village” or family members for assistance. During the call, moms came to a consensus and agreed on the “top 5” things which are listed below.

  1. Spiritual foundation – (Daughters should embrace a foundation of faith. Stay connected to faith based activities or attend church frequently.)
  2. Life Skills
    1. How to cook
    2. How to pay bills
    3. The importance of good credit
    4. How to clean
    5. Self -care
  3. Self-Esteem/Self Confidence– Practice self-love and self-confidence. Monitor and manage how to keep positive thoughts, opinions and feelings.
  4. Social Media– Recognize how social media can impact college acceptance, job opportunities, and image. Be cognizant of how behaviors of followers and friends can be a bad reflection on your social media blue print.
  5. Resilience– Resolve to look within for personal strength when faced with a challenging situation. Learn how to respond to stress. Reach out for support or for help when you are overwhelmed.If you are interested in your daughter participating in a “life skill” workshop in the fall of this year, feel free to inbox me at Thank you to all of the moms who called in. Please join us on our next “Moms Talk on Monday.”#MotherDaughterInitiative #WeLoveOurDaughters.
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