Don’t Let Anyone Tell Your Story

Mommy M and Me

When I watched one of Iyanla Vanzant’s “Fix My Life” episodes, I was MOVED by Iyanla’s statement.

IYANLA’S STATEMENT-“It’s inappropriate for anyone to tell you your mother’s story, except your mother.”

A woman wrote in to Iyanla asking for help to reconcile with her daughters and her sister. I wanted to bust out in tears in that moment. I felt like my grandmother never got the respect she deserved because of other people telling her story.

I reflected on my grandmother Emma May (pictured with me when I was a baby) whose story was told by people and not by her. I regret that I didn’t ask my grandmother “what really happened” before she went back to her heavenly home. I’m assuming the reason why she didn’t tell her story because she felt like she didn’t have a voice and no one would listen.

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Pastor Adrian Partlow Speaks to Mother Daughter Initiative

Pastor Partlow Pic 3

Pastor Partlow, is a dynamic mom of one daughter and two sons. She is a wife, mom, Co-Pastor of Community Temple Bible Way Church, and Director of Women’s Heart and Heart of God Ministry. Pastor Partlow empowers women to be all they can be. Her ministry is located in Cheverly, MD.

Pastor Partlow is a fashionista, entrepreneur of A’s Boutique Fashions, and co-author of a book called “Behind the Make-Up of a Leading Lady.” Please read Pastor Partlow’s thoughts on being a mom and raising a daughter.

Did your mom contribute to your level of self-esteem and or self-confidence? Yes, she has. My mom has always to be independent and to make something good out of myself.  She always kept me involved in things to keep me well-rounded and to broaden my horizon.

As a mom, do you foresee parenting challenges when it comes to self-esteem and body image issues for this generation of young girls and young women? Yes, raising a daughter who is now 26 years was a child who was very shy and an introvert.  As out-going as I was, she is totally different and it was and has been a challenge getting her to engage with others to be more social and to network with those who can see her move forward in different aspects of her life.

If you could lead a workshop on empowering girls, what ideas or suggestions would you recommend to moms to help empower their daughters? Knowing Yourself and Knowing What You Can Become Outside of the Box or Walls.

What’s the hardest thing about being a mom? Being transparent and seeing some of the same mistakes I have made to see my children do the same.  What’s the best thing? Having quality time with them and just have fun with inside and outside activities.

If you could teach moms how to bring about more happiness into their everyday lives. What would you teach them?  Take a vacation and personal mom time when you can.   Take a weekend sabbatical to refresh and revive and take family vacations.

What words of advice would you give moms of this generation as we try to grow closer to guiding our children? Be open minded and learn to listen.  Our children have voice that needs to be heard even though we might like what is being spoken.

What are some of the lessons learned with raising your daughter?  Be there for her and allowing her to grow in her own way.  I had to realize she was no longer a child but now a beautiful young adult.  Also, I learn that every comment that she makes does not require a response.  Sometimes you just have to process it.

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She’s My Rock- Happy Mother’s Day

Me and Mom Pic 2

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!

I want to wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day.

I dedicate this dope rhyme to my mom Kay F Clarke.
My daughter wouldn’t let me sing “She’s My Rock” by Plies on Facebook. I didn’t want humiliate her, so I wrote my own version. Yall wanna hear it..hear it go..LOL…

She’s my rock, all that I got
Holding me down, when I’m not on top
Mammas the best, I give her her props
She’ll beat down the block, the best thing I got
She is my rock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock
She is my rock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock

She is my rock, all that I got.
Holding me down, when I’m not on top.
Mammas the best , I give her her props…
She’ll beat down the block, the best thing I got
She is my rock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock
She is my rock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock

Mamma was there, when I had my kids
She is a bestie, when you need a friend.
When my life is crazy, she don’t get ghost
She like a solider, sometimes doing the most.
What can I say? She real as can be
She’s 78 but looks like she’s 63.
She is my rock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock
She is my rock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock, ‘ock

Application to Date My Daughter

According to the National Resources on Domestic Violence 1.5 million high school students experienced physical abuse from a dating partner. I created an application to date my daughter. Feel free to use it for your daughter.  Please have the conversation about dating violence.


Application to Date My Daughter
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