Day 17- Project You- Make Every Day Count


Journal entry– When I joined the 50 + club over 3 years ago, I began to cherish every moment, every minute, and every hour of each day more than ever before.  At 53 years young, I wake up happy to be alive and grateful for a chance to live my life on purpose.

Most mornings my iPhone alarm goes off at 4:45am, I wake up with the intention of doing a morning devotional and making a to-do-list so that I have a game plan for each day.  I hit the snooze button.  During my commute on the train (Metro) to work, I pull out my “You Are A Bad Ass” book by Jen Sincero and create a to-do-list for the day.  Creating a to-do-list has helped me accomplish several professional and personal goals.  

I’m excited for what 2019 has in store for me.  I will continue to live a purpose driven and fulfilled life.

Check out the article below for ideas on how to make every day count.







Day 16- Project You- My Dream of Meeting First Lady Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama

Journal entry– Page 103 -“If you could ask any successful person in the world one question, who would it be and what would you ask?”

The successful person I would love to meet is our First Lady Michelle Obama.  She is my role model.  I dream, visualize, and imagine meeting her one day.  I LOVE so many things about her i.e., she is BEAUTIFUL, EDUCATED, CLASSY, ELOQUENT.
I could go on and on.

I recently downloaded parts of her speech from the 2016 Democratic National Convention.  One of my favorite quotes from her speech, “With every word we utter, with every action we take, we know our kids are watching us. We as parents are their most important role models.”

In this journey of self-discovery, self-love, and reflection I want to be a better role model for my children and to the youth I encounter on any given day.

Questions I would love to ask First Lady Michelle Obama:

How and when did you set dating expectations and boundaries your beautiful daughters Sasha and Malia?

How and when did you start the conversation about healthy relationships i.e., respect, trust, honesty, communication, and support?

Hoping my dream of meeting our First Lady Michelle Obama comes true.

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Day 15- Project You – What’s Holding Me Back- FEAR


Journal entry– I responded to the journal prompt “Overcomer’s Journey.”  Fear is holding me back from taking my public speaking to the next level.  As a member of Toastmasters, I usually speak in front of 20 people at my club meetings.  In 2019, I want to speak in front of 200.

In January of next year, I plan to join the National Speakers Association.  Fear has kept me from creating the life that I want as a public speaker.  Moving forward, I’m going to start looking for opportunities to speak.  Bucket list item # 3.

Overcomer’s Journey: Is your fear standing in the way of your goals or dreams?  Write about it. Share with us.

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Day 14 – Project You – What Other People Think About You Doesn’t Matter


Journal entry- While reading the book “You Are A Bad Ass” by Jen Sincero, chapter 7, page 67 said it all.  I’ve been guilty of allowing what other people’s opinions about me, matter to me.  What I’ve discovered when I’ve asked for approval or feedback from people, the only thing they offered was an opinion. 

It’s so easy when people tell you what you should be doing with your life but they fail to share their own shortcomings.  Bottom line, I’m going to work on seeking my own approval, acknowledging areas that need improvement, and seek out those individuals who can not only offer an opinion but can provide tangible ideas or ways to help me accomplish my personal goals. 

On page 64 in the book the author suggests:


The only questions you ever need to consider when making decisions about your life are:

Is this something I want to be, do or have?
Is this going to take me in the direction I want to go (not should go)?
Is this going to screw over anybody else in the process?

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Day 13 Project You- Choose To Be Happy


Journal entry- I responded to the journal prompt “Self-improvement Journey.”

Do you remember the song “Happy” written, produced, and performed by Pharrell Williams?  How did this song make you feel when you heard it on the radio?  It certainly made me feel happy.

Remember the lyrics?

Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you know what happiness is to you
Because I’m happy
Clap along if you feel like that’s what you wanna do

Every day I make an extra effort (emphasis on effort) to be “happy.”  I’m grateful to be alive, I’m healthy, and I’m blessed with a beautiful family and wonderful friends.  I want to exude “happiness,” even when I’m going thru a storm.

Self-improvement Journey Prompt: Being happy is a choice.  Choose to be happy.  What ways can you start choosing to be happy?

Ways I Choose to Be Happy
I choose to pray.
I choose to avoid complaining.
I choose to change the direction of negative conversations.
I choose to surround myself with positive people.

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Day 12- Project You-Loving My Lines

Stretch Marks

Journal entry- The article in the 2018 July issue of Essence magazine really spoke to me.  I was contemplating getting a tattoo on my stomach to cover my stretch marks.  Over the years I tried everything i.e., cocoa butter, shea butter, stretch mark removal and fading creams.  I’m a 53 year old woman who had two beautiful children.  I’m healthy, working, breathing and living life.  It’s time for me to let it go and embrace my body stretch marks, handles, etc.   Please read the article by clicking on the link or go to Resources and select it,  you will be blessed.  “Love Your Lines Essence Magazine July 2018

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